tea toker 2

27 in x 33 in framed, acrylic over Renoir reproduction "On the Terrace"

The Story of Tea Toker 2
by beth been 11.18.04

Put your mouse over the image and watch the little girl.

I have been lugging this Renoir print around for about 14 years. I found it in an alley in West Campus by the University of Texas in Austin. I remember going to my friend Laura's house and finding this fine frame and a great Victorian chair. The frame is beautiful but the reproduction has a hole in the lower right corner. For some reason, I lugged it from house to house when I moved.

In about 1994 - 95, I drew Tea Toker with pastels, charcoal and sharpie makers. For some reason, I was compelled to redo this image in about Sept 2004. This is one of my favorite projects, now and then. I often wish my art could have more of an edge and less of a bugs bunny cartoony feel. Tea Toker 2 not only shows the evolution of my work over 10 years, but it is also my first 3- D work, including a large green flower covering the hole, a berrinyeager bee just below the bow tie, a thread thru the I.O.U. tag and a button with a full view of "Renoirs' On the Terrace".

Something about breaking that thin layer of space you have to work with and expanding it outward is very liberating. I feel many more 3-D oriented projects in the works. Already there is a framed print of Muerta del Toro and senor dead pimp with 3-D elements. I am especially excited how creepy the little girl looks under the table. I can't stop staring at the green flower made from pantyhose, wire and paint.

Thanks for looking, Beth

3-D green flower

spider  detail

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